Jordan Mikes

Managing General Agent

From the University of Florida with my Masters Degree in Business. Shortly after, I spent 3 years in the rental car business working as a manger for Enterprise. During my tenure there I learned how to effectively run and manage a business, only it wasn’t my business. I soon came to realize how limited I was working for a company where I could never reach my true potential or earn an income I knew I deserved.

In January of 2016, I took a huge leap of faith and began my career with Lincoln Heritage, leaving behind a salaried position making 60k a year for an opportunity that was purely commission based which I had never been exposed to. I had numerous former colleagues and even family members questioning my decision to leave but I knew I had to jump if I wanted to chase after my dreams. Little did I know that this is where I would begin my own legacy and firmly grasp the reigns of my life.

I quickly became a top producer with the company, never missing an incentive trip. I’ve been to Hawaii, Canada, Dominican Republic, and already qualified for the Chile trip later this year. I received my six figure income ring in February of 2018 and went on to break a company record for personal production in May of 2018 with a total of $53K+. My achievements have allowed me to turn doubters into believers into achievers.

After 3 years of perfecting my craft, I’ve successfully attained my MGA and I have shifted my focus to developing multiple top producers. I am only the most recent example of someone who plugged themselves into a proven system that already has the groundwork laid out for one to succeed. If I can do it, why can’t you?

“Success is achieved by ordinary people with extraordinary determination.” -Zig Ziglar